Starting from an urgent situation because they need money, a group of ordinary young people plans to carry out the biggest theft of this century: stealing Raden Saleh's painting entitled The Arrest of Diponegoro, which is stored in the Presidential Palace.

Piko, an art student who makes money by forging paintings to free his father from prison, suddenly gets an offer to steal the work of maestro Raden Saleh, which is strictly guarded at the State Palace. Following the plan, Piko forms a team consisting of Ucup (hacker), Sarah (martial arts athlete), Gofar (mechanic), Tuktuk (racer), and Fella (campus bookie). Each is after the money. 

Implementing their plan is faced with many obstacles that can take away their valuable things: love relationships, friendships, and their families. While trying to carry out this risky theft mission, they do not know that there is a big threat behind the theft of the painting.

Stars: Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Ramadhan, Angga Yunanda, Rachel Amanda

Language: Indonesian

English Subtitles:





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