Story follows Guy and Heidi five years into their relationship and faced with a serious dilemma: Whether or not it is time to marry and form a family. They're equally in love, and their relationship is going strong. But while Heidi is ready to settle down and believes that marriage is proof of one’s everlasting love, Guy holds the belief that marrying Heidi will result in him being tied down to a woman that he will one day grow distant from.

Heidi consults her girlfriends for advice, and Guy consults the guys. What follows is an outright battle of the sexes, as Heidi plots devious ways of getting pregnant—with marriage as an end goal—as quickly as possible, and Guy schemes up a handful of contraceptive counter-strategies.

Language: Cantonese

Director: Anselm Chan
Stars: Carlos Chan, Pak Hon Chu, Min-Hun Fung

English Subtitles:


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