Sinister events engulf young and ambitious Johan and his friends when they visit the abandoned Black Lake ski resort, the scene of a horrific crime. Remote and neglected, Black Lake has been closed for years. Johan invites his friends there on a test trip, with the idea of reopening the resort. They are soon gripped by a series of disturbing experiences. On the very first night, Johan's girlfriend, Hanne, is woken by a sickening thudding noise coming from the cellar. The landlord refuses to let them investigate. It turns out the resort was closed after a family were found dead, strangled. One by one, members of the group wake with bloodshot eyes following nightmares of being strangled. With fear and danger spiraling, Hanne becomes convinced that supernatural forces wish them ill. Who can be trusted? Who will survive?

Stars: Filip Berg, Valter Skarsgård, Anna Åström

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